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Social Media Kit

To do even more, this social media kit gives you additional resources and actions you can take throughout the campaign.


The main hashtag is #ShareJourney

Change your Facebook profile picture to show your support for migrants and refugees

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Pilgrimage Toolkit

If you’re participating in a fall 2018 pilgrimage, share it on social media to make more people aware of what you’re doing and get more people involved. Here are a few suggestions on how to get started:

  • Include #ShareJourney in all your social media posts.
  • Other hashtags to use: #pilgrimage, #refugees, #migrants

Post about the pilgrimage before it happens, during it and after. Here are some samples you can use:

  • I’m walking in solidarity with #migrants & #refugees everywhere. Support our sisters and brothers in their journey. Join my #pilgrimage today: #ShareJourney
  • #PopeFrancis calls #migration the challenge of our age. He invites us all to make a #pilgrimage to mark “an extraordinary moment of grace and spiritual renewal.” Will you join me? #ShareJourney
  • When we walk, we show love for our neighbors. I’m walking on [insert date] from [insert location] to [insert location] to show solidarity with #migrants & #refugees. Join me or start your own! #ShareJourney
  • Today I’m walking [insert mileage] to highlight the plight of our neighbors fleeing violence and injustice worldwide. Follow me today. #ShareJourney [attach a photo of yourself]
  • Today I walked in solidarity with the 65 million people in our world forced from their homes. #ShareJourney [attach a photo or video of your pilgrimage]
  • “Whatever you did for one of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” —Matthew 25:40. Today I walked [insert mileage]  to show that I stand with and support #migrants and #refugees all around the world. #ShareJourney

Other ideas:

  • Tell people where your pilgrimage is going
  • Tell people where to go to sign up for your pilgrimage (
  • Tell people why it’s important to make this public statement of solidarity with migrants and refugees
  • Live stream your pilgrimage on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
  • Take photos of the pilgrimage and share on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
  • Post a photo album after your pilgrimage
  • Tell people how making a pilgrimage makes you feel
  • Don’t forget, always include #ShareJourney in all your social media posts

Download images (like the one below) and video you can use. 
















How Can I Help?

Give to the US

Support migrants and refugees in the United States by giving to CCUSA.

Give Overseas

Reach out to migrants and refugees abroad by giving to Catholic Relief Services.

Share the Love

Use social media to inspire others to love our neighbors everywhere.

Your neighbors live across the street and the country, across oceans and hemispheres. As millions of God’s children flee war, persecution and poverty, Pope Francis, Caritas Internationalis, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Charities USA, and Catholic Relief Services invite you to share their journey by walking with them in prayer and support.