360° Video: Experience a Classroom in Lebanon Where Children Feel Like Children Again

The Syrian refugee crisis has been going on for almost seven years. It’s unimaginable that more than five million people have been forced to flee the homes they loved.  Many of them fled to the closest place they could get to, nearby Lebanon. The impact ripples through the whole family. They often lack food, medical care and proper education for their children.

Catholic Relief Services recently traveled to Lebanon to meet the refugees living there and see how they are doing. The stories we heard were ones of compassion, strength and perseverance. We are glad to share the journey with you through these 3600 videos.

We’re happy to say some of the children are back in school.  CRS partners with the Good Shepherd Sisters to provide educational opportunities to refugee families in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. Children can attend classes and receive after-school homework support to help them catch-up on what they’ve missed.

Students learn traditional subjects like math and science, and take part in sessions on peacebuilding, an important part of showing children that conflicts can be reconciled and trauma can be overcome.  Students can also receive hygiene education, emotional support and psychological counseling if needed to help them get through the shock they’ve experienced fleeing from war.

Most importantly, the center offers these kids an opportunity to be kids again.

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3600 Video: Hope Reaches Family Living on the Roof

Some of the most vulnerable refugee families have children with disabilities.

CRS sees the struggle these families endure and offers help.  Together with Caritas Lebanon, we provide holistic support to refugee children with disabilities in Lebanon. This approach includes medical and physical therapies to improve the health of children with special needs and facilitating access to specialized care and medication.

This is the story of the El Saho family.

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